It’s been weeks or maybe even months since I’ve posted any images of my recent work. There are 2 reasons for this; 

Firstly – Its been a crazy busy couple of months in the workshop (not that I’m complaining about that) and I simply have not had chance to get onto my computer to write any posts.

Secondly – I’m not one to boast about my work. I think the quote below sums this up perfectly. If I were to add to it, I’d say “my work speaks for itself”.

“Some things sound better if they don’t come from you.”

Joyce Rachelle

I had a very intesting conversation in my workshop today with Mark and Steven from Tiny Acorn. Mark suggested that we should be telling everyone about what we do and how well we do it.

Head over to Tiny Acorn’s Facebook page and see for yourself how good they are!

Here are few images of the work I’ve been upto over the past few week. I will post more early next week!