Professional Picture Framing Service in the North East of England.

Over the past several months I’ve had an increasing number of people ask if I will sell them all the materials I use to make frames, so they can make their own.

The short answer to this question is simply NO.

There are a number of reasons why I am not willing to sell the materials and I’d like to share some of those reasons with you in this short post.

Professional Picture Framing
First and foremost I am a professional frame maker. I am not a supplier to the trade or wholesaler. Making frames is what I do. The stock I hold allows me to meet the commitments I have with my customers.
I use several trade suppliers/wholesalers to source the materials I use. These companies only deal with regestered businesses like myself.
I’ve built strong working relationships with all my suppliers.
I pride myself on providing a first class picture framing service to all of my customers. The postive feedback I recieve is testiment to this.
More reviews can be seen by clicking here
If I were to sell the materials I use to a customer, I’m basically selling my business to them. If I’m not making frames, Im not generating the income required to pay my overheads or earn a living. Listed below are a few of the running costs.

* Rent
* Utility bills
* Stock purchase
* Machinery purchases and repairs
* Business Insurance (public liability etc).

My pricing structure takes into consideration the cost of running my business. I am confident when I say my prices are the most competitive in the area.

It’s often said that small businesses are the key to building a stronger economy. I believe this to be true. Want to know more? Click here

Running a small business can be challenging at times. Its not just about making a frame or cutting a piece of glass. There’s a plethora of tasks carried out behind the scenes to keep the workshop running smoothly.
Maintenance and repairs to machinery, Stock management, Upkeep of the building to name just a few.
The truth is, I absolutly love what I do and would not change it for the world.

This post is purely intended to highlight the fact that Framing Unlimited is not a supplier to the trade or a wholesaler. I will not sell framing materials to customers.

Thank you for your continued support and custom.

Best Wishes


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