Photo Wall Picture Packs | Make your own photo display

Framing Unlimited Offer

Various frame packs sizes.

Photo Wall Picture Packs | Make your own photo display.
You will have the option to choose Black or White frames (sorry no mixed packs).

There are 2 pack options

Pack 1
Three 10″ x 8″ – Four 8″ x 6″ and Two 5″ x 7″ frames
£44 per pack.

Pack 2
Two 12″ x 10″ – Two 10″ x 8″ – Two 8″ x 6″ and Four 5″ x 7″ frames
£60 per pack.

I plan to add more pack options in the future.

Suggested frame layouts can be found by searching in Google or on the Pinterest website. Please click here to create a free Pinterest account.

I also have templates you are more than welcome to use. Drop me an email and I will happily forward them to you.

“Unleash your creative side.

Your wall deserves it !”

Your frame packs are all handmade at my workshop on the Drum Industrial Estate. DH2 1SS.
Click here to see how to find my workshop.

They come complete with easy open backs and hanging brackets.

Simply open the rear of the frame, insert you photo, replace the back and hang on your wall.

If you have a large feature wall, why not have a main large framed image with several smaller frames around it?

The possibilities are endless.

Framing Unlimited also offer large format black & white and colour printing.
*print service only available if the print is framed at Framing Unlimited.

Speak to Dave at Framing Unlimited to discuss all the options.

“The only limitation is your imagination.”

I am in the process of manufacturing the frames

The Frame Packs will be available to buy In








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